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Gavrio Andros Map and Resort Guide


The small resort town of Gavrio, the main settlement on Andros outside the capital Hora, is located on the north-western coast of Andros and is set in a large and sheltered deep water bay enclosed by small hills.

Gavrio is the main port of Andros, and all the big inter-island ferries pull in here to disgorge passengers onto the vast swathes of concrete that line the shore and make up much of the waterfront.

Ferries pull in here from the port of Rafina on the mainland as Andros is on the main ferry route from the mainland to the much more famous holiday island of Mykonos. The ferry journey from Rafina takes about two hours.

Gavrio is not the prettiest port in the Greek islands as the large patch of concrete also serves as a car park and a terminus for buses and taxis that line up here to meet the ferries and whisk away new arrivals.

Although located in a gorgeous setting, Gavrio is also a rather drab, scruffy looking town of whitewashed breeze block commercial buildings and homes along the busy, narrow roads.

A line of cafes flank the main road that runs along the coast through the port and that is about it, apart from the huge car park at the port entrance and streets lined with parked cars.

There are plenty of rooms to rent in the resort but most visitors head straight out on buses and in cars and head for the more attractive resorts on Andros such as Batsi and Hora.