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Hora Andros Map And Beach Guide


The resort of Hora is located on the eastern side of Andros and is the island's capital town.

Hora is built on a very narrow peninsula of land that stretches out from the shore before fracturing into a tiny archipelago of barren islets and an imposing and much-photographed lighthouse.

There is a beach area called Paraporti that lies to the south-east of, and is overlooked by, the main town.

Paraporti is a flat grey swathe of sand and shingle that lies in a deep bay, bisected by a small stream and backed by large clumps of tamarisk trees.

To the north of Hora, the road runs around another bay to the small port which is too shallow to take ferries and so they use the deepwater port of Gavrio at the opposite end of the island.

Hora is divided down the middle by the long traffic-free street of Georgiou Empirikou which runs down the peninsula and where there are found all the main tourist shops, tavernas and cafes as well as artists' studios and small galleries.

In the centre of Georgiou Empirikou is the main square with a fountain in the middle and surrounded by shops and cafes. The town has many neoclassical buildings, an indication of the wealth that the island of Andros once enjoyed.

Hora also has numerous museums, galleries and libraries but they are often closed and it can be difficult to determine opening times.