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Ormos Korthi Andros Map And Resort Guide


The resort of Ormos Korthi, commonly called just Ormos, is located in the south of Andros on the east coast in a deep inlet bay below the capital of Hora.

Ormos is the main town in southern Andros and is set in charming countryside with a beautiful bay and hills rising all around.

Ormos may, on the first appearance, appear to be a dull backwater. The village lines the long road that curves right around the edge of the huge bay.

There is a long paved walkway is on the seaward side of the road, edged by a concrete seawall and protected by large rocks that have been dumped in the sea to act as a breakwater.

On the landward side of the road sit a rather monotonous row of shabby houses with a few cafes and tavernas placed between ar irregular intervals.

The northern end of the resort ends in several concrete wharfs that give shelter to the fishing boats and to a boat repair yard.

There is a good folk museum in Ormos that holds exhibitions throughout the summer as well as rousing performances of traditional Andriot music and dancing.

To the north of Ormos, beyond the headland, are the beaches of Milos, popular with windsurfers, and the remote beach of Pidima Grias with its remarkable rock column that stands in the sea.