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Lake Korrison Corfu Map And Beach Guide


Lake Korrison, also called Lake Korissa, is located on the west coast of Corfu. The name is spelt variously as Korisson, Korrision and Karissa but they all point to long, narrow stretch of water set just inland from a long and sandy beach.

The huge lake is separated from the sea by a rough track that runs around the edge and over a bridge that, in turn, leads to a small forest and endless sand dunes.

Well known for its wildlife, the area around Lake Korrison has forests of juniper where there are many lilies and orchids, some of them being very rare.

Lake Korrison is also a wetlands habitat with more than 100 species of birds in the area, as well as a migratory bird population. As a result, it is a natural target for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

The lake or lagoon is in fact artificial. It was created by the Venetians, to provide valuable salt pans. The existing marshland now makes it a haven for the birds.

There are none of the usual resort facilities here in what is a relatively unspoiled part of Corfu. You rarely find many visitors but the beach is popular with locals on the weekends. On windy days the blowing sand can be a nuisance as there is little in the way of shelter.

Further south, Korrison beach merges with Maltas beach then Marathias and Santa Barbara although this is all basically the same beach, just with different names.

Marathias has a traditional village while Maltas is essentially a tourist resort – if a very quiet one – with some apartments and a few tavernas.