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Paramona Corfu Map And Beach Guide


Paramona beach lies below the village of Agios Mattheos, a substantial village of about 1,500 people and built on slopes of the hill of the same name.

There are some good traditional cafes in Agios Mattheos and the village also has a reputation for music. It even has its own orchestra which has been playing since 1965.

The village is surrounded by a dense oak forest and some citrus and olive groves. On the hills above is the Monastery of Agios Matthaios which dates from about 500.

The road leads down from the village to the beach Paramona. There is a small crescent of fine sand with occasional pebbles. There is no shade on Paramona beach unless you hire a sunbed and umbrella.

Paramona beach is sandy beyond the waterline and fairly shallow inshore, although there is a steep drop some metres out, so it's reasonably safe for children. There are no watersports.

A couple of cantinas open on Paramona beach in high summer to cater for the rising numbers that drive now down here – there are no buses. There is parking by the roadside and some more near the tavernas.

There are showers on the beach at Paramona and you can use the taverna toilets. Rooms to let are advertised nearby and there is a small mini market for basics.