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Walking the Corfu Trail

Prominent signs point the way

Dazzling landscapes discovered on a trek along the Corfu Trail

Great views on the Corfu Trail

A Corfu holiday may not just mean beaches, bars and sunburn; the island has a lot more to offer than that.

The landscape, for example, ranges from flat and fertile plains to rolling green hills and craggy mountains.

And one of the best ways to enjoy it is to walk along the Corfu Trail, a long-distance footpath that runs the whole 222 kilometres length of the island.

The trail was first opened to walkers and hikers in 2001 and runs from the white cliffs of Arkoudillas on the southern tip of Corfu to the craggy Cape Agia Ekatirini in the north.

The whole trail has been neatly sectioned into 11 walks, each estimated to be a day's good hiking and each one twists and turns through a wide variety of landscape.

Those who tackle the full length of the trail will find themselves on beaches, mule trails, mountain paths, clifftop trails, dirt tracks and even country roads.

The trail is easy to follow with clear yellow marker signs all the way, north and south, and with accommodation on offer at strategic locations along or near the route.

The walks have become so popular that dozens of specialist tour operators now offer Corfu Trail walking holidays aimed specifically at the enthusiast while trail maps and guidebooks can be found just about everywhere.

It's a good idea to plan your route before you go but many walkers just join and leave the trail whenever they like.

Most of those who walk the whole route start in the south and head north. The south of Corfu provides easy walking and the muscles are toned up well by the time they reach the mountainous north where the going can be tough for even the most experienced.

Detailed online guides, maps and advice can be found here and a detailed diary of a walk along the Corfu Trail is here.