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Ios Sights & Attractions


Homer's Tomb

Located at the northern tip of Ios near the village of Pano Kambos is the reputed site of Homer's Tomb. The Ios islanders are very proud of the connection, and there is a bust of Homer in the main port. On May 15 each year they hold a 'Homeria' festival to celebrate the link to the great poet.
But the connection isn't particularly strong, the main one being that Homer's mother, Clymene was from Ios. Whatever, the site is not great to look at, just the rock entrance to a tomb, and you need transport to get there, but then again this is a very beautiful part of the island.
It's not all that easy to find either. The road to Pano Kambos leads through a fertile valley of vineyards and olive groves before the hamlet of Koulida. The track to the left off the asphalt leads to the tomb while a path a little further on takes you to Plakoto beach.



The award-winning archaeological site at Skarkos picked up a European Union Cultural Heritage prize for its exceptional conservation efforts, and it's well worth a visit to this ancient settlement.
Some buildings at Skarkos are three metres high and in a remarkable state of preservation given their antiquity. Many buildings were two-storey with stone-flagged floors and a sophisticated sewage system.
The site has given up some excellent examples of pottery, work tools and kitchen utensils made of metal, stone and bone.


Odysseas Elytis

The Odysseas Elytis amphitheatre is above the main village of Hora. Follow the street that heads up towards the windmills, and there are signs pointing the way to the theatre.
It's a steep climb that takes about 20 minutes but if you make the effort you a rewarded with some spectacular views of Mylopotas beach.
The amphitheatre hosts many cultural events during the summer seasons. It was named after the Nobel prize-winning Greek poet Odysseas Elytis who often visited the theatre.



A turn off the road to Agia Theodoti leads to the ruins of an ancient tower, pretty much all that remains of the Byzantine 'paleokastro' or 'old castle'. Among the ruins is the pretty church of Panagia Paleokastritissa.
There are splendid views out to sea while the road down to the coast leads to long beach at Psathi Beach which is a nesting beach of the endangered Mediterranean sea-turtle Careta Careta. Nearby are the ruins of an ancient temple at Psathi which can be found just past the chapel to Agios Dimitrios.