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Ithaka Sights And Attractions


Cave of Nymphs

Above the beach at Dexa is the Cave of Nymphs also known as Marmarospilia. This is the cave where Odysseus is supposed to have hidden his treasure on his return from Troy. What treasures have been found are more of an archaeological nature and can be found in the museum in Vathy.
The cave is, well it's a cave, and has a hole in the roof and a clump of cypress at the entrance. What atmosphere it once may have had have been lost in a blaze of tacky coloured lights. Some say this is not even the original cave anyway, the real one being inadvertently demolished in a nearby quarry some years ago. The route to the cave is well signposted from the road.


Arethousa Spring

Around 10 kilometres south of Vathi is the Arethousa Spring, where the swineherd Eumaes supposedly brought his pigs to drink, as recounted in The Odyssey. The landscape and sea views are extraordinary but the route is precipitous and you are not advised to walk alone.
To get there follow the road out of Vathy that is signposted to the Marathis Plateau. At the village of Anemothouri, on the right, there is a large blue and white sign pointing to the Arethousa Fountain track. Follow the red waymarkers to the site which is little more than a cleft in the rock.
The scenery at the fountain is pretty impressive and a difficult rock-strewn descent down a ravine brings you to an unnamed beach opposite the islet of Perapigadia. The spring itself is little more than a dribble and many may wonder at the effort taken to get there.