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Myrtos Kefalonia Map And Beach Guide


One most famous beaches on Kefalonia and probably the most photographed Myrtos beach is located on the west coast in a remote cove about 30 kilometres from Argostoli.

The long sweep of white pebbles lies beneath spectacular sheer limestone cliffs and Myrtos is regularly voted one of Europe's most beautiful beaches.

Visitors can get down to Myrtos beach by car but it is a scary one-kilometre descent down a twisting series of unfenced hairpin bends.

Myrtos beach is composed of round limestone pebbles banked up in shelves along the beach so walking the beach can be difficult and there is a very sharp drop into the sea at the waters' edge.

The white stones continue under water and the reflected sunlight turns the Myrtos shoreline varies a milky turquoise to electric green.

Strong currents and crashing waves make swimming notoriously difficult and there are stories of tourists being swept away and drowned after straying far from the shore.

There is no natural shade so the beach is very exposed, with the white cliffs behind providing shade only in the morning. By noon the beach can get very hot indeed as the sun's rays reflect off the stones and the white limestone cliffs.

There is a small cave at one end of the beach and a cantina sets up in the summer with sunbeds and some portable toilets.