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Xi Kefalonia Map And Beach Guide


The Kefalonia beach resort of Xi, sometimes spelt as Ksi and always pronounced as 'ksee' , is found on the Pali peninsula to the south of the main town of Lixouri.

Xsi is a very long and flat beach of around four kilometres that's noted for the striking brick-red colour of its sand and the grey-white cliffs behind.

The clay of the cliffs is said by locals to have medicinal properties that can cure skin disorders. Handfuls of the clay are mixed in seawater to create a thick paste which can be used as a sunblock.

Ksi beach is mostly soft red sand with very shallow water so this is a good beach for families.There is a taverna here but not much else except the Kefalonia Palace Hotel surrounded by attractive gardens and some apartments blocks beyond.

As well as sunbeds there are a few watersports on the beach, including jet skis and banana rides as well as some beach volleyball.

Located on the Pail peninsula Xi is some way off the tourist trail and has an unhurried atmosphere. The downside is the remoteness from the rest of Kefalonia.

You can take a boat to Vardiani islet offshore and where Xi beach ends the beach of Mega Lakkos begins. There are quiet villages to visit at Mantzavinata and Kounopetra as well as Akrotiri.

Xi beach is set on a large flat plain so walking and cycling are common pursuits while the area to the north-west at Krokidata is very attractive.