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Agios Fokas Kos Map And Beach Guide


The Kos holiday resort of Agios Fokas is on the south-east tip of the island about 12 kilometres from Kos Town near the thermal springs of Embros Thermi, often just referred to as Thermes or Therma.

Thermi is more noted for its fine thermal springs but Agios Fokas beach is easily accessible along a decent road that runs along the island's eastern coastline.

Although there is a small car park most arrive by bus (Service #5) from Kos Town and a substantial number cycle along the flat coast road.

At Thermi, a footpath leads down to the beach area from the car park cafes and, although it is only a few minutes walk, the going is quite steep so this is not a good destination for those with walking difficulties.

The hot water springs are contained by a circle of rock that forms a large sea pool guarded by two big boulders. The pool is quite large and the seaward side is deep enough to swim although this can be difficult at popular times.

The water can be very hot near the vents in the rock so these areas are best avoided. Seawater splashing in over the boulders helps to keep the temperature down. The hot and cold areas can make for an invigorating dip.The pungent smell of sulfur can be uncomfortable at first but visitors appear to quickly get used to it.

The beach at Embros Thermi is not particularly attractive, just a band of black shingle and swimmers may find the undersea rocks and stones rather sharp.

Agios Fokas is a much nicer looking beach and a couple of kilometres away. Most of the beach is dark sand and pebbles with some beach umbrellas other facilities such as beach tavernas and bars. The northern end is even quieter and attracts nudists.