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Kamari Bay Kos Map And Beach Guide


The huge bay of Kamari lies on the south-west coast of Kos. To the far west are the resorts of Kamari and the hillside village of Kefalos.

But at the eastern end of the bay are a series of golden sand beaches around which have sprung a number of beach resorts.

There are no settlements as such, other than transient summer cantinas that sprout up on the shoreline over the holiday season.

It is not easy to distinguish where one beach ends an another starts but the various sands take their names from some local feature.

The first beach, heading east to west, is Camel Beach (or Kamila in Greek) where visitors find a small harbour and some fish tavernas.

Next is Paradise Beach, also called Bubbles Beach after the volcanic bubbles that emerge from the sands a little way offshore.

Paradise Beach is probably the most popular with soft sand and plenty of watersports and several large beach tavernas.

Heading further east, the sands become Banana Beach (or the Greek Laganda), then a stretch simply called Sunny Beach, followed by Magic Beach (or the Greek Poleni) and finally Exotic Beach (or Xerokambos).

The crowds tend to thin out the further east you go and the beaches do also tend to get narrower but they all offer good sands, beach cantinas, watersports and shallow water.

There are regular buses to Paradise Beach and from here beach trails and footpaths lead to all the main beaches and to more secluded coves as well.