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Kos Town Map And Beach Guide


As one of the first popular holiday destinations in the Greek islands, Kos Town has benefited from having two long beach strips to the north and to the south.

Kos Town became a major port in Roman times and a trading crossroads between east and west. The public market was famed in ancient times and the result is some impressive monuments unearthed during excavations in the town. There is also the imposing medieval castle and a very good museum of archaeological finds.

As well as the long beach of Lambi, to the north, there are some smaller beaches around Kos Town, although none is particularly recommended. The main Kos Town beach at Meropida is mostly sand and shingle, full of sun loungers, with views across to Turkey.

Many bars line the beach near the harbour and the main Kos Town entertainment strip, at Bar Street, is full of bar touts trying to tempt young customers inside with offers of free drinks.

Kos Town nightlife is raucous and it is dancing until dawn in many of the bars and clubs.

There are more touts to pester you around the harbour trying to sell tourist trips on local boats which include day trips to Turkey, round island cruises and visits to nearby islands.

There is a small tourist train that leaves the Kos Town main square and does a round trip of the town that many holiday visitors find too short.