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Lampi Kos Map And Beach Guide


The beach at Lambi, also spelt Lampi, lies to the north of Kos Town and runs right along the east coast up to and around the northern tip of the island.

The sands at deep Lambi are packed with sunbeds for more than one kilometre, with an array of hotels, apartments, tavernas and bars backing the beach.

The beach has soft sand shelving gently into the sea and the water is quite shallow too so Lambi is a big favourite of holiday families with small children.

Like any popular Kos beach, Lambi has lots of watersports with water skiing, paragliding and windsurfing centres.

There are many large hotels that lie within an easy walking distance of Lambi beach and this ensures big crowds and plenty of beach activities and facilities.

The beach also attracts many visitors from Kos Town too with regular buses and taxis on the main road that follows the back of the beach and there are cycle lanes too for what is a popular Kos pastime, so don't expect a quiet beach holiday in Lambi.

The beach at Lambi curls around the northern headland but the sands here are more exposed and it can be windy.

Lambi is a good resort for those who like busy holidays and don't mind the crowds. The proximity of Kos Town adds to the nightlife and variety as well as access to boat excursions and other holiday activities.