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Nisyros Island Map And Guide


Nisyros is a small volcanic island that lies in seas to the south of Kos and it's a daily destination for many excursion boats both from Kos and other islands.

The islet of Nisyros is roughly round in shape and it is only about eight kilometres across in any direction with a central crater that dominates the landscape.

Nevertheless, nearly 1,000 people live on the island, clustered into four small coastal villages at Mandraki, Palli, Nikea and Emporios.

Nisyros island is a popular day trip destination from many ports on Kos but most notably from the popular south coast holiday resort of Kardamena.

The Nisyros island volcano is still active and the most recent activity was an explosion in 1888. Various craters still vent off steam and small earth tremors are not infrequent. There are also hot water springs at Loutra, near Mandraki.

Nisyros also has four uninhabited monasteries on the island and even a medieval castle. The island is also noted for a non-alcoholic almond, tomato and honey flavoured cordial called 'soumada'.

Half-way between Kos and Nisyros is the tiny volcanic islet of Gyali which is regularly plundered for pumice. Access is only possible by boat and, as the island is owned by a mining company, you will need permission to land there.