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Pserimos Island Map And Guide


The tiny islet of Pserimos is located about seven kilometres off the north coast of Kos, between Kos and the Greek island of Kalymnos.

A single large, south-facing sandy beach within a sheltered horseshoe bay makes Pserimos is a favourite target of holiday excursion day cruise boats from both Kos and Kalymnos.

There is a daily ferry service from the port of Pothia, on Kalymnos, which beings in regular supplies but most Pserimos visitors arrive on excursion boats that pull into the bay each morning and disgorge large volumes of day trippers.

Pserimos bay is very beautiful, backed by low hills and fringed with a long golden sand beach with very shallow water.

The back of the beach is lined with tavernas that quickly fill up as the tour boats moor up to the quayside. There are a few holiday apartments above the beach tavernas and more a little inland.

Permanent residents are fewer than 100 and most make their living from summer tourist visitors either in the tavernas or by offering accommodation, although there is a little fishing.

As the islet of Pserimos islet is only about 15 square kilometres in total it is an easy walk to any of the small coves that can be found all around the coast.

Rough walking tracks criss-cross the island and secluded beaches can be found although apart from the main beach they are all very small and there are no facilities