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Tigaki Kos Map And Beach Guide


The Kos holiday beach at Tigaki, sometimes spelt Tingaki, is very long and sandy and lies on the north coast of Kos island.

The white sand beach is located about 11 kilometres from Kos Town and so it's a popular day trip beach for those in the capital and those staying in Tigaki can enjoy the nightlife of the main island town.

The beach at Tigaki does get rather narrow in places but the sea is shallow enough to wander out quite a distance so it makes for a good family beach.

Underwater currents can be a problem for those who wander too far from the shore and north facing Greek beaches can suffer from strong winds and choppy seas, although this does help make Tigaki a popular beach for windsurfing.

There are good watersports here and plenty of tavernas and cafes close to the beach while doughnut sellers target the busiest sections.

Tigaki, like other north coast beach resorts on Kos, does have a problem with of seaweed so you may have to pick your spot carefully.

The crowds thin out the further east towards the large salt pans that give the beach its name and visitors are more likely to come across naturists in the dunes.

There is some nightlife to be found in the resort with several music bars, clubs and discos but many head into Kos Town for evening entertainment.

There is an hourly bus service between Tingaki and Kos Town and the resort is easily reached by bicycle along the flat coastal road.