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Porto Katsiki Lefkas Map And Beach Guide


The white sand beach at Porto Katsiki is one of the best known and most photographed in the Greek Islands.

The setting could not be more dramatic with a sheer limestone cliff dropping to a white sand beach and emerald blue water.

The problem for visitors is that it is somewhat remote on the south coast about 40 kilometres from Lefkas Town with access along a narrow road with sharp bends.

Despite this, Porto Katsiki is regularly voted one of the top beaches in Europe and it attracts many thousands of holiday visitors each year.

A huge cliff-top car park has been built to accommodate car drivers while other visitors arrive daily on excursion boats that pull up on the beach to disgorge passengers.

Boat trippers also avoid the long climb down a wooden staircase that leads from the cliff-top taverna down to the beach.

Porto Katsiki beach is long and sandy but split by a landslide although experts rule out any danger from new rock falls.

The west-facing beach in shade until about noon when it becomes very exposed to the heat from the sun and reflected rays from the white land and cliffs.

Its popularity is its undoing as visitor numbers can create traffic hold-ups on the narrow road and the narrow beach heaves with sunbathers. Tavernas and snack bars are at the top of the steps and there are no toilet facilities on the beach.