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Anaxos Lesvos Map And Beach Guide


The beach at Anaxos is just to the south of the more popular Lesvos resort of Petra and it has grown considerably in recent years to cater for the family holiday trade.

The beach is coarse, sharp sand and it's about three kilometres long, with plenty of sunbeds and many restaurants both along the beach road and further inland in the village.

Although rather narrow in parts there is still plenty of room and occasional trees offer some natural shade. There is an old windmill overlooking the beach and there are views across the bay to Molyvos.

Dozens of apartments and small hotels are dotted over the flat plain behind Anaxos village. It may be very much a tourist resort but it is not unattractive despite the rising numbers of visitors year-on-year.

Anaxos was never a Greek village as such. It was once only the beach of Skoutaros village and so it is sometimes called Anaxos Skoutarou on maps.

The beach area was developed solely as a tourist beach resort and the mini-markets, gift shops, and car and bike hire outlets have all grown to feed the tourist trade.

Holidaymakers who stay in Anaxos have the option of easy drives to the nearby beach at Petra or to the popular and picturesque tourist resort of Molyvos.

There is also a frequent summer bus service between Anaxos, Petra, Molyvos and Eftalou.