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Mytilini Lesvos Map And Beach Guide

Mytilini is the capital town of Lesvos and built on seven hills overlooking a large and deep natural harbour. There are hills to the north and west of Mytilini, while the south is mainly rich farmland.

Mytilini can boast a large number of museums and galleries, partly thanks to its heritage as a great centre for the arts.

Its most notable artist is the writer Sappho (700-600BC) but the tradition continues to recent times with the 1979 Nobel Prize for Literature awarded to Lesvos-born Odysseas Elytis.

Mytilini Castle is located on the north edge of the town on the promontory and just below the fortress, at Tsamakia, is the Mytilini town beach.

Also on the north side of the town is the ancient theatre, one of the largest in Greece, with seating for 1,500.

Mytilini also has many churches, particularly the 17th-century cathedral and the domed church of Agios Therapon, dating from 1880.

Also of note are the many large mansions, many sadly in a state of decay, but which testify to the former trading wealth of the region.

Mytilini also has two excellent archaeological museums, one by the south harbour in an old mansion and the other nearby in a large purpose-built structure.

The latter is especially rich in mosaics and sculpture, including the famous late Roman mosaic floor from the "House of Menander". There are also several mosaics and finds from other Roman mansions.