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Paraga Mykonos Map And Beach Guide


Nestled between Platis Yialos and Paradise, Paraga, or Paranga, is one of the smaller beaches on Mykonos yet one of the most popular.

Once notorious for nudity, Paraga beach now has more cosmopolitan flavour and it's a favourite of Greeks and Italians.

Paraga beach in a deep bay with rocky fingers to each side. Natural shade comes from a row of trees at the back of the beach, which is good sand mixed with a few pebbles. A bamboo fence also offers some protection when the north wind blows.

The sand at Paraga shelves gently into the sea making it child-friendly and good for swimming. The east side of the beach has large, smooth rocks and rock pools to add interest and there is a rock formation a few metres from the shore where young men show off their diving skills.

A couple of restaurants, a beach bar and a pool bar nearby are near the beach and a campsite extends from the pool bar along the headland. Small hotels and apartments dotted all around the back of the beach.

Several footpaths lead off Paraga beach heading to Platis Yialos and to Paradise beach. There is public transport to Platis Yialos, direct to the beach in the high summer, and regular water taxis and caiques sail to Platys Yialos and Ornos.

Driving is no problem and you can park for free if you use the taverna or pay at the larger car park on the western side of the sands.