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Parikia Paros Map And Beach Guide


Parikia or Paroikia is the main port of Paros, located on the western side of the island at the southern end of a large and sheltered bay.

A famous Parikia sight is the harbour windmill, a favourite meeting point for locals and visitors alike.

The main road follows the shore backed by tavernas, bars and cafes and inland is a large square and small park and a warren of narrow streets beyond.

Near the square is the famous Ekatontapiliani Church or Church of 100 doors, noted as one of the finest Christian churches in Greece.

Other Parikia attractions include a 13th-century Venetian castle, an ancient cemetery, some very interesting Byzantine churches and several good museums.

Parikia has a small sandy beach to the northern end of the village with a clutch of tamarisk trees providing good natural shade.

Paros is at the hub of the Cyclades group of islands and has many ferry links to other islands and this is a major destination for backpackers and the more independent island-hopping tourists.

With no international airport Paros has remained off the beaten track and Parikia it is very much in the mould of a Greek village island with plenty of traditional Greek atmosphere.

Near the harbour is the bus station with routes over the whole island and boat taxis run to many beaches across the bay.