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Lindos Rhodes Map And Beach Guide


Lindos is located on the east coast about 50 kilometres from Rhodes City and is one of the most photogenic of Greek island holiday resorts.

Above a long, curved fringed with golden sand sits an attractive hill village of sugar-cube houses, many with beautiful pebbled courtyards, and all linked by narrow, cobbled traffic-free streets.

Overlooking the bay is a well-preserved Crusader fortress enclosing an ancient acropolis where a temple to the Greek goddess Athena has been in situ since the 4th century BC.

Big crowds are a big problem for Lindos. As well as holiday visitors that pack the hillside apartments there are daily buses and boats bring in wave after wave of day trippers.

The hordes of visitors pack the tight alleyways and swamp shops and bars on their way up the the hill to the visit the castle.

High rise hotels are banned and discos are confined to the outskirts but music bars and cafes blast out all-day music and the streets are so full that queues form just to walk from shop to shop.

In the traffic-free village, rooftop restaurants are everywhere but the food is generally mediocre while the sandy beach crescent is packed with sunbeds and children play in the shallow waters of the enclosed bay.

Regular buses run both north and south with daily timetables posted in the main square, where there is also a small taxi rank.

There are around six buses daily to Rhodes City and there are taxi boats that leave the jetty in the morning and return mid-afternoon.