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Tsambika Rhodes Map And Beach Guide


The long and deep beach of golden Sand at Tsambika or Tsampika is set in a beautiful bay beneath two huge rock headlands.

The beach is about 26 kilometres from Rhodes City and reached down a steep, precipitous road that drops down from the main coast road.

There is no village at Tsambika, just a huge beach, about one kilometre long, lined with sunbeds at the water's edge and backed by a dirt car park.

A string of cantinas lines the back of the sands each marking out its territory with ranks of sunbeds and serving snack food and drinks.

The sand at Tsambika beach is good and soft and the water is shallow and calm for about 50 metres out to sea, so this is a very popular spot for families with young children.

The beach takes its name from the Monastery of the Virgin of Tsambika which sits above on the 1,000-metre high rock outcrop that looms over the northern end of the beach.

Visitors can drive to a small car park then climb nearly 300 stone steps to the top for a spectacular view over Tsambika Bay.

Tradition has it that, in September, women who want to get pregnant can climb to the summit and pray before the 11th-century icon.

Women can chew on a church candle to ensure an easy childbirth. Many local people are named Tsambika (female) or Tsambikos (male) after prayers were answered.