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Gagou Samos Map And Beach Guide


Gagou lies on the outskirts of Samos Town and is considered to be the town beach as it is easily reached along the coast road either on foot or by taxi.

Gagou beach lies in a small shallow and sheltered inlet on the deep and long bay that eventually reaches Samos Town, only about two kilometres away so a fairly easy walk.

The main road on the hillside above Gagou turns inland and a fork drops you down to the beach. Parking is at a premium here as the road is a dead end.

South-west facing Gagou beach is about 200 metres long and it gets plenty of sun. The southern end of Gagou beach is dominated by the Gagou Beach Hotel, a utilitarian block of whitewashed breeze block with rooms overlooking the shore.

The beach is all stone and shingle. Two or three rows of sunbeds pretty well cover the whole of the beach and duckboards are laid down across the stones for access.

The stretch of beach farthest from the hotel is the best stretch of pebbles as the beach nearest the Gagou Beach Hotel has large stones that can make walking difficult.

Potted palms have been planted along the back of the beach for some natural shade. There are some watersports on offer and boats often pull into the sheltered bay.

Tracks lead north over the headland and along the coast to some rocky coves and a narrow strip of shingle.