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Karlovassi Samos Map And Beach Guide


The second largest city on Samos, Karlovassi is somewhat off the main tourist map in the far north-west of the island about 33 kilometres from Samos Town.

Karlovassi is strung out along the coast at the end of a wide, lush valley. It is several small towns grown into one and many of the locals refer to it in the plural Karovasia.

Karlovassi and falls into five districts – the old, the new, the middle, the bay and the harbour, although the bay and harbour can really be considered as one.

This was once was a major commercial and industrial leather processing centre, with a large volume of exports and the attendant wealth resulted in many grandiose churches and imposing mansions found right across the city.

Karlovassi has a small scruffy beach of sand and shingle hemmed between breakwaters. There is a small beach taverna and a few sunbeds to lie on where you can watch the ships going in and out of the harbour.

There is a notable carnival at the end of February/early March and, in summer, a festival in honour of the Greek musician Manolis Kalomoiris Three large religious feasts take place in July and August.

There are daily buses to Samos Town and plenty of cars and bikes to rent. As Karlovassi is also a sizeable port there are plenty of ferry connections to other islands and to mainland Greece.