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Oia Santorini Map And Resort Guide


The resort at Oia is located on the northern tip of Santorini on a 150-metre high cliff that overlooks the flooded caldera.

This was once the main port of Santorini but the earthquake of 1956 just about demolished the whole village and ships moored to the south below Fira.

Less crowded than Fira, the streets of Oia are full of trendy boutiques and smart jewellery shops because this, like Imerovigli, is very much the upmarket end of the caldera rim.

Oia is noted for its photogenic windmills and for the traditional Santorini 'cave houses' that were carved into the rock and are still in use, some having been converted to holiday apartments.

To the north of the resort is the Maritime Museum, housed in a restored mansion house where exhibits include some rare ancient ship figureheads as well as models of ancient Greek vessels.

There is a large cultural centre in Oia and plenty of art galleries and craft shops as well as the usual souvenir shops.

Oia (pronounced 'ee-yah') is a popular location for enjoying the famous sunsets. Slightly less crowded than Fira there are not the jostling crowds although tourist buses sometimes drive up here for visitors to enjoy the event.

Steps drop down the cliff to the old port of Ammoudia which has a small quay and a couple of waterside tavernas. Just around the headland is another small quay at Armeni.