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Tsougria and the islets of Skiathos

Big sandy beach at Tsougria near Skiathos

The boat trip islets of Skiathos – Tsougria, Tsougriaki and Arkos

Floros chapel on the headland at Tsougria
Dramatic beach at Arkos near Skiathos

A popular target of holiday excursion boats on Skiathos is a trio of uninhabited islets lying off the coast directly opposite the main island resort centre at Skiathos Town.

Of the three, the most popular by far is Tsougria, which has a couple of fine sandy beaches, but the others at Tsougriaki and Arkos also have their appeal and enjoy their fair share of visitors.

Tsougria is the biggest of the islets and lies directly south of Skiathos Town. It boasts a long, deep sandy beach on the west coast set in a sheltered bay of shallow water with a good beach cantina that opens in the summer.

A favourite stop on round island boat tours, the sands can get quite crowded in the high season. Traditional wooden caique boats make regular day trips to Tsougria from the harbour at Skiathos Town with sailings almost every hour when the season peaks. Easy anchorage in the shallow bay also makes it a popular spot for private boats.

A second beach lies on further south, just over the pine-covered headland, but rocks offshore keep the excursion boats away and it's only accessible by private boat or with an overland walk through the pine woods.

This beach is not as big or as sandy as the alternative but it tends to be a much quieter and more relaxing spot. A small cantina will also set up set up on the beach in the high summer when visitor numbers make it worthwhile.

A small architect-designed chapel was built on the headland in the 1960s by a Greek shipping magnate and it was dedicated to Agios Florus and is sometimes used for romantic wedding ceremonies.

West of Tsougria is the small rocky islet of Tsougriaki. There is no beach here but the many small indented coves make for peaceful places to anchor boats and enjoy a swim in the clear water.

Some distance to the north-east and closest to the coast of Skiathos is the large islet of Arkos. Visitors here mainly arrive in rented boats and tie up at the small but dramatic beach where sand tumbles down the steep hillside.

Day trip boats don't often venture to Arkos so visitors need to rent a private boat to enjoy it. A small cantina will open on the beach in the high summer.