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Greek islands of the Sporades

Map of Sporades Islands Greece

The Sporades islands are found off the east coast of Greece, small in number with enough variety for any to make the ideal Greek holiday destination.

Island attractions range from the big, sandy, family friendly beaches to hideaway pebble coves and most islands set in a protected marine park that guarantees the clearest waters in the Aegean.

ALONISSOS is the smallest but longest of the Sporades chain and offers tranquil, old-world charm. Small hotels and apartments are mainly confined to the south while a surfaced roads offer easy access to a few pebble and sand beaches and forested hills are crisscrossed with good walking trails.

SKIATHOS is the biggest and brashest of the Sporades with an international airport and plethora of golden sand beaches strung along its southerly coast. A ban on high rise hotels curbs downmarket excess but expect more burgers than baklavas as Skiathos panders to thousands of annual holiday visitors.

SKOPELOS is a hilly, heavily wooded island with sleepy resorts scattered around its deeply indented shoreline. Sandy beaches are relatively scarce but beautiful nonetheless with olive and plum groves making up much of the lush, green interior. Skopelos has for years attracted up-market tourism.

Wasp-waisted SKYROS is the largest and most remote of the Sporades with few ferry links and more independent than its tourist-hungry neighbours. Most live in the capital Chora and Skyros is noted for its arts and crafts.

Surrounded by the clear water of a marine park, most islands of the Sporades enjoy the cleanest swimming in the Mediterranean and many outlying islets are protected wildlife habitats.