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Potamia Thassos Map And Beach Guide


The mountain village of Potamia, or Potamias, lies in a sheltered valley on the eastern side of Thassos and on the slopes of Mount Ypsarion, about 12kilometres from the main resort port at Limenas.

Potamia gets its name from the stream that runs through the centre of the village. It is from Potamia that many walkers start out on trekking paths that lead to the summit, which is about 1,204 metres high.

Paved paths lead upwards out of Potamia village before they peter out into rough tracks with wooden signposts now and then pointing the way. The hillsides surrounding Potamia are covered in dense and lush vegetation with trees of many varieties growing on the steep slopes.

As paths wind steeply uphill walkers often find themselves at treetop level on one side of the path and the base of a cliff face on the other. Those not inclined to scale mountain tracks can follow the well-marked wide forest path that snakes around the mountain to nearby Panagia village.

Potamia village is noted for the red-tiled roofs of the stone houses which can be seen to advantage along walks in the hills above. Potamias is very much a traditional sleepy Greek village of narrow streets with a large plane tree offering plenty of shade in the village's central square.

Potamia was the Greek Islands of the sculptor Polygnotos Vagis who was born here in 1894 and his works are displayed in a museum of the same name.