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Skala Rachonis Thassos Map And Beach Guide


Skala Rachonis or just plain Rachonis, Rachoni or Rahoni is a small beach resort and fishing harbour on the north-west coast of Thassos.

It is the first real beach resort after Pachis Beach when heading west out of Limenas. It's well signposted down a concrete road that leads down past a hotel and a few tavernas to a harbour.

This is the fishing harbour for the mountain village of Rachoni which sits above in the pine-clad hills. Legend has it that secret tunnels connect inland homes to those on the coast.

The area is very flat and fertile and olive groves and citrus orchards abound. Skala Rahonis has become very popular with package holiday companies with new apartment blocks behind the beach.

Though pleasant enough, some of the apartments are right on the edge of Skala Rachoni beach and it can feel like you are sitting in someone else's garden.

That aside, the beach is very pleasant with a small wall at the back of soft sands and occasional trees provide some natural shade.

The shore is sandy and clean and the water shallow, making it good for families with children. There are sunbeds strung out over most of the beach.

The substantial harbour to the north of Skala Rachoni adds interest and the sand stretches right around the bay to a prominent headland where there are a couple of small stone jetties and some hidden, sheltered strips of sand.