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Kissamos Crete Map And Beach Guide


Kastelli Kissamos is found 42 kilometres west of Chania and is the largest town of the province of Kissamos with around 5,000 inhabitants.

The resort has a long seafront overlooking Kissamos Bay, formed by the peninsulas of Gramvousa and Rodopou, with rocks to the east and a small sandy beach to the west.

At the village centre are two squares – Kastelis and Venizelis. Kastelis is the main bus terminus and this area of town has the most facilities.

Kastelli Kissamos was much more important in ancient times, being the seat of an important city-state – Polyrinia – which minted its own coins. Inland are the ruins of an acropolis, theatre and aqueduct.

The Venetians built old city walls that are still standing as does a Venetian fortress which gives Kissamos the added name of Kasteli.

The modern resort has a scruffy beach of sand and pebble but the surrounding countryside is very attractive and this is a big region for olive oil and wine production.

The Kissamos region has some of the best beaches on Crete and many are within easy striking distance so this is a good base to explore the western coast.

There is a regular bus service to Chania and ferries to the mainland Peloponnese and to Kythira. The E4 European Walking Path starts its Cretan leg here, winding over the mountain trails for 320 kilometres across Crete and taking in some spectacular scenery on the way.