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Preveli Crete Map And Beach Guide


The spectacular beach at Preveli lies on the south coast at the foot of steep cliffs with a small lagoon covered in palms and oleanders (still recovering from a fire) and well sheltered by a large bank of white stone.

A ramshackle taverna is hidden in trees behind the Preveli lagoon serving the basics of food and drink and offering some welcome shade from the exposed beach.

Well-trodden pathways trace their way back through the undergrowth along the river bank to provide pleasant and shady walks up the ravine or there are paddle boats for hire for those who prefer a gentle row up the narrow river.

The beach is of white stone and south facing and there are sunbeds for hire in the high summer. There is a steep drop into the sea so families with children should take care.

Getting to Preveli beach is the trickiest part. There are two access routes, neither of which is easy. One way is to follow the ravine on foot as it leads down the steep hillside from Preveli Monastery. Signs point the way but the route is long and rough underfoot.

The alternative is to follow the main road down from the monastery to a large car park at the top of the cliff. Steps lead down to Preveli beach but there are more than 700 of them, although there is a halfway staging post where you can have a rest. It is a lot easier going down than it is getting back up.