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Kalamaki Zante Map And Beach Guide


The beach at Kalamaki is located in Laganas Bay to the east, and basically just an extension of, the neighbouring Laganas beach resort but it is far quieter.

Kalamaki has a long and deep stretch of good sand separated from its noisier neighbour by woods of pine.

The sands are flat and the water shallow, making this a popular resort for families with children and the size of the beach means it never feels too crowded.

It is also on the flight path for incoming planes to Laganas airport which is just two kilometres away.

Increasingly popular as an overspill beach for Laganas, Kalamaki is also popular with rare and endangered sea turtles who use the beach as a major nesting site.

Parts of Kalamaki are now classed a marine park, giving turtles and other wildlife some protection but not enough, according to island wildlife experts, who regularly see nest sites buried beneath sunbeds, car parks and even rubbish dumps.

Watersports have been curbed to protect the turtles and visitors may be asked to leave the beach at sunset during the egg laying and hatching seasons.

Kalamaki village lies behind the beach and has expanded much as a copycat Laganas with fast food takeaways, music bars, Brit-style pubs with karaoke machines and big-screen TVs.