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Laganas Zante Map And Beach Guide


Laganas has long been synonymous with 'lager lout Brits' with the resort one of the most popular clubbing and boozing destinations in the Greek Islands.

Noted for its tacky nightlife, Laganas has a huge variety of clubs and pubs – more than 100 bars at the last count – and visitors can expect gum-plastered floors and broken bottles.

The beach at Laganas is long, flat, sandy and packed with ranks of sunbeds. The sands are about 9km long, counting the far-flung outskirts at Kalamaki, and gently shelve into shallow water.

Parts of the beach are, remarkably, in a National Marine Park set up (in theory) to protect endangered turtles that nest here. Nevertheless, they are exploited relentlessly by the short-sighted locals.

Scared off by scores of glass-bottomed tourist boats, the shy and nervous turtles often fail to lay their eggs ot have their nests bulldozed to make way for more sunbeds.

Meanwhile, swarms of boozed-up youngsters wander the disco-lined main street. Fights are common and stabbings make the headlines. Even the locals have petitioned to curb the loutish behaviour.

Fast food is everywhere with Subway sandwiches, big Macs, KFC and a Pizza Hut, it's just like Stoke-on-Trent, although Stoke probably has more Greek restaurants.

Laganas Zante is one of the main 18-30's resorts in the Greek islands and anyone outside that age range will find little to like.